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TURF Sports, 10/31/2018 12:00:00 AM
SILF has been promoting the Spirit of Sportsmanship among the members of the legal fraternity and particularly among the members of the Law Firms.
Sportsmanship is crucial in all aspects of life but more so in the legal profession. We as lawyers in the present setup of adversorial proceedings fight with each other while representing our respective clients. We leave no stone unturned for achieving the best possible results for our clients in a legitimate way. Yet, during the vigorous proceedings where we present our case with great vehemence, we address the opposing colleagues as “my learned friend”.
SILF has been organizing Cricket Tournaments for many years and Law Firms which are members of SILF regularly participate in these tournaments. Thanks to Mr. Sachin Khurana of Turf Cricket Club, SILF Annual Cricket Tournament has become an event which is keenly awaited and is very participative. In the cricket field we again fight it out to get better of the other teams. Yet the tournament and cricket matches create a lasting bond, camaraderie and friendship among the participating teams. We keep the flame of Sportsmanship ignited both in our adversorial matters as also on the Cricket Field.
Let us celebrate the Spirit of Sportsmanship in the forthcoming SILF Members Cricket Tournament.
Best wishes to all participating teams and may none lose - I believe by very participation every team becomes a Winner in this Gentlemen’s game.
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